Upcoming Events

Healthy Harold will be visiting preschool on 18th June at 11 am.

The show will explore emotions and gratitude felt by young children. the aim is to empower children to explore feelings, learning to name and describle them appropriately and to build on their emotional intelligence. the concepts of gratitude and thankfulness are explored through acknowledging and accepting others and showing gratitude to each other through empathy and respect, fostering strong positive relationships.

Excursion to the Museum and Art gallery on 4th July, leaving preschool at 9.30 am and returning 2.30 pm.

School Holidays - last day for children Friday 5th July, returning Monday 22nd July

School readiness information talk from our locally zoned schools - 24th July from 6 pm - 7.30 pm

Chemistry show - mix it up at preschool on Monday 29th July at 10.30 am

Bubbles and squeak a water saving show at preschool on Wednesday 28th Aug at 12.45 pm

Henny Penny Hatching for 2 weeks at preschool from 2nd Sept - 13th Sept, a hands on experience for children

School holidays - last day for children Friday 27th Septt, returning Monday 14th October

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